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Today We are launching a Ga erelated to Mahjong Tiles. You can choose same pair of Tiles from on given screen and this pair will be removed from the screen. You will have to remove all pairs of Tiles from your screen and you will win the Level, Then You can move to Next Level of the game. 

One the Most interesting Option in the game is that you can choose Alphabet Tiles also. This option is given in the Settings menu.

This is a Timer Based game, as Early you will win the level, you will get more Stars. Maximum are Three Stars.

And Don't worry about the difficulty level. If you are stuck in the game, You can Remove the Difficult pair from the screen. THis Option is given at Top of your game screen. 

The Options given on top of screen are:

1. Undo the Last removed Pair of Tiles

2. Shuffle all Tiles

3. Remove any Pair of Tiles



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Choose Same Pair of Mahjong Tiles