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Today we are launching Clock Puzzle Shooter, The Clock Shoot game you have to shoot the clocks in 360 degrees as fast as possible. A perfect way to kill time! Very simple, entertaining and so challenging also. HOW TO PLAY :- Wait for the arrow to land on the clock, then tap the screen when the time is right. Be fast about it though, because the longer you take the less you points you get. Now go have some some fun! An astonishing limitless energetic game to release , yes its “Clock Puzzle Shooter” . Its a full solidarity arrangement game.

This game is all about shooting the other clocks with one tap on the needle revolving in the clock. When the needle is spotting next clock, tap on the screen to shoot and eradicate the gunny clocks as much as you can. Also present your timing artistry.After each level number of clocks will boost and fluctuate in size, each with contrasting colors. Shot to eradicate all clocks before the time ends. Point delicately and become the clock master. Its visuals are wonderful and it has a whimsical shooting sound. Average is estimated by stars. Grab the stars when you finish each level. Lets download and play !

Game Modes:

Endless - Shoot as many clocks as you can.

Quest (100 Levels) - Challenge yourself to complete all the levels and collect all the stars.

Kill the clocks. Can you earn all 100 stars?


Clock Puzzle Shooter Features :-

* Challenging levels 100+

* Best Design levels

* Stunning graphics 

* Easy to play, and challenging to master

* Endless Game Mode

* Level Based game

* Free & Enjoy!

* Undo Last (Loss) shoot option


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Shoot Clocks as many as you can!